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Managing Director, Bank Brokers

I had the privilege of working with Tony on several occasions in our former banking roles.  He is an inspiring leader and international banking professional who manages to get the best from everyone he encounters. We built on our mutual trust and respect by joining forces again for the good of our corporate clients when I launched Bank Brokers UK.  I’m delighted that we did, as our teams have collaborated on some challenging, yet ultimately rewarding, global banking assignments.

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HSBC CEO Europe, Middle East & Africa

A first class people leader, inspirational on his feet, willing to celebrate success and always keen to ensure we "do the right" thing. I'd also highlight his passion and commitment for the customer which shone through at our regular meetings, 'bringing the customer into the room to make decisions' which improved our service and bottom line.

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Payscout, EU Managing Director

Working in partnership with Tony and Quint, at St Julian’s, with their professionalism, experience and can do attitude has been a pleasure.  A true working partnership in every manner and a big part of our Global expansion strategy.

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Professional Business Development Advisory & Marketing Services

Tony Mahoney is a banker with a national and international reputation who I have known for more than 20-years. His experience in the commercial banking sector coupled with his understanding of the prevailing economic climate makes him a much sought after commercial commentator. 

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