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Malta Profile


Over the past few years, Malta has taken centre stage and developed as a prime international business, financial and maritime hub.

Since EU membership and the adoption of the Euro, Malta has registered consistent growth in the financial services industry. It has become the number one choice of multinational companies seeking to relocate their business within the EU.

Malta has more to offer than most countries world-wide, here are some interesting points to set you thinking:


  • state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure

  • support services by pro-active professionals

  • highly qualified and skilled workforce fluent in various languages (English being an official language)

  • strategic geographical location

  • stable political environment and democratic government

  • extensive double taxation treaty network and other double taxation relief mechanisms

  • comparatively low running costs, rent and wages

  • stable economy

  • status as a Schengen member state

  • mild climate


Malta also enjoys a high credit rating among global credit rating agency agencies. In 2017, Standard and Poor’s maintained its stable outlook for Malta reaffirming its A credit rating, Fitch upgraded it to A+.


It therefore comes as no surprise that despite of its small size, Malta is becoming more and more popular with people who choose to opt for residence in Malta as their preferred destination for business, residential or pleasure purposes.

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